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The FDA has Stockholm Syndrome

The FDA has Stockholm Syndrome
Dante and Virgil in the 9th Circle of Hell (Treachery), Gustav Dore

Stockholm syndrome is the psychological condition in which a hostage becomes so emotionally and irrationally attached to his or her criminal captor, that the hostage takes the side of the criminal captor as against those trying to thwart the criminal captor.  

It is a sad reflection of the debased state of the U.S. federal government when a $6 billion federal agency actively harms and discredits itself in order to serve the interests of its agency-napper to the detriment of the public it is supposed to serve.  The FDA's recent actively misleading statements about the FDA-approved status of Pfizer's Covid shots sadly show that the FDA is playing Patty Hearst to the Pfizer's SLA.    

The FDA is misleadingly stating that it has approved the Pfizer Covid vaccine, implying that an FDA-approved Pfizer Covid vaccine is currently being offered in the United States.  

The FDA has licensed and approved "a" Pfizer Covid shot.  The distinctive brand-name for the FDA-approved shot is "Comirnaty."  Do not, however, expect Pfizer to sell, distribute, or make generally available the Comirnaty shot in the U.S.  This is because Pfizer has not obtained legal immunity for the Comirnaty shot.   If Pfizer were to sell, distribute, or make available the Comirnaty shot in the U.S., then Pfizer could be held legally responsible for the adverse health outcomes caused by Comirnaty.  Comirnaty, unlike child vaccines, is subject to normal product liablity laws.  Because of this fact, expect the FDA-approved Comirnaty shot to remain unavailable as long as Pfizer remains exposed to product liability suits brought by anyone injured by Comirnaty shot.  

Pfizer's other Covid shot, the BioNTech brand shot, enjoys complete legal immunity in the U.S. market but has not obtained FDA approval.  The BioNTech shot is being administered under the Emergency Use Authorization ("EUA") and enjoys complete legal immunity under the PREP Act.  EUA is a legal end-run around the FDA approval process made possible by the "pandemic."  

The "show-me-the-incentive-and-I-will-show-you-the-outcome" outcome of the Comirnaty/BioNTech distinction is of course:  (1) Pfizer's FDA-licensed and approved Comirnaty shot is not available in the United States and won't be for the foreseeable future; and (2) Pfizer's unlicensed and unapproved (but legally authorized for emergency use) BioNTech shot is abundantly available and will remain abundantly available.   The reason?  Financial incentives and disincentives.   If Pfizer were to sell or distribute Comirnaty in the U.S., Pfizer would face product liability lawsuits.  Pfizer would be held responsible for the injuries Comirnaty has caused.   Legal responsiblity and liability for injury = powerful economic disincentive to supply = lack of supply.  

Pfizer's BioNTech shots, however, enjoy complete and total immunity from any and all death, damages and other injuries that they cause.   BioNTech's immunity means that Pfizer has no risk and no downside for selling it in the U.S.   No legal responsiblity and no liability for injury and death = powerful economic incentive to sell and supply = abundant supply.  

For a loaf of bread a man will transgress.  Pr. 28:21.  

An honest regulator, after going through an arduous expedited approval process, would likely be indignant that its regulatory subject was withholding from the public, in the middle of a "pandemic" mind you, the only licensed and approved anti-pandemic drug.  Not so the FDA.  It falsely implies that the Pfizer vaccine being sold and distributed in the U.S. is FDA approved when it isn't.  The FDA claims that the two Pfizer shots are the same, although "legally distinct."  Yes, legally distinct.  If you are killed by the abundantly available BioNTech shot you will have no legal recourse against Pfizer.  If Comirnaty were available and it killed you, you could sue Pfizer and win because Pfizer has determined a known "death rate" for all of its "vaccines."  In both cases you are dead.  Pfizer has removed the option that allows your family to get compensated for Pfizer's killing you by removing Comiranty from the market.  The round-heeled FDA will not tell you this.  

Employees, the lesson for you here is, first seek an exemption.  If your employer denies your exemption request, then consider asking for the specific brand of vaccination they are demanding.  If they say they don't care, choose Comiranty and wait because the pandemic charade will be over before Pfizer exposes itself to liability by making Comiranty available.  If your employer chooses one of the other EUA shots, then remind your employer of his/her Nuremberg Code obligations to provide informed consent before requiring that you submit to an experimental drug test.  If that doesn't work, you will have to resign.  

Employers, the lesson for you is--grant each and every exemption request, no questions asked.  You are being played.  

Thanks to RFK Jr.'s website for pointing out the Comirnaty/BioNTech distinction.