First Things

Everything begins with epistemology.  Epistemology is the study of sources of human knowledge.  Epistemology asks the question:  What can man know and how can he know it?    

All epistemology is presuppostional and comes down to the dualistic question:  did man create God or God create man?  

My epistemology is self-consciously Christian.  I believe God, through Jesus Christ, created man.  

My view of Christianity is that it is not a religion.  It is presuppositional view of reality.  That is, God created man, God has manifested Himself to us in human form, Jesus Christ.  

The truest Christian tradition, in my view, is found in Oriential Orthodox Christian Church--the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church, the Coptic Church, and the Armentian Orthodox Church.  I believe that this tradition is the truest because their Christology best embraces the paradox of Christ's simultaneously uncreated whole Humanity and whole Divinity.