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Employer Risk Decisions in World War III

Employer Risk Decisions in World War III

We have discussed how to navigate through the turbulent vaccination mandate waters without getting injected with an experimental drug therapy if you are an employee.   You can either say "No Thank You," or you can say "Yes, and..." and thereby seek to shift the incalculable risk onto your employer who, hopefully unwittingly, is attempting to compel you to risk your life and health for the benefit of a drug seller who bears no legal liability for harming or maiming you.  It is absurd that we are even having this conversation when the vaccine manufacturers collect billions for compelled experimental vaccine "purchases" and at the same time bear no risk or liability for even the known, actual damages they are causing.  

Notwithstanding the absurdity, as we go forward, in all of our communcations, whether as employee or employer, we must remember our primary goal is to gently persuade and awaken.  We can't control outcomes, only our part in the process.  If we criticize, condemn, or complain it is unlikely that we will be persuasive and less likely that we will win.  If we perform our part in the process and we perform it well, we never lose.  We win, we learn, or we win and learn.  

And so now, if you are an employer how do you navigate the momentous "vaccine mandate" decision?  I hope this piece provides you with useful guidance.  In my view, the employers who make the optimal vaccine mandate risk decisions will be responsible for winning what is revealing itself as World War III--a war taking place in the mind of humanity.  


To evaluate any risk decision, or any decision really, it is important to observe and seek to understand the overall context.  This includes seeking to understand all the actors and all of their various interests.  This can never be done with perfect accuracy, but it can be done with some measure of accuracy by dispassionately looking at the actors' actions to glean whatever relevant information we can out of them.  

What we first observe is that, since January 2020, all Western governments and media have been effective in scaring their aging citizenry with the threat of a very contagious, very deadly, and seemingly uncontrollable and conveniently invisible virus.  During this entire time, the real risk threat--the Infection to Fatality Ratio--has remained constant, neglible, and has never exceeded the IFR of any prior seasonal flu.  This disconnect--the vast difference between the story being told in the collective and fertile human imagination (and then amplified and baked into the human brain via smart phones, computer screens, and cable TV) and the reality on the ground--informs us how fragile and vulnerable the human mind is.  We are all easily misled by "information" when it is dressed up in scary garb.  If you doubt this, go back to mainstream news from March through October of 2020 and look at all of the computer models that predicted parabolic death numbers (some as high as 20 percent death rate) and observe how many very smart people believed them.  When you do this, don't think you are better or smarter than anyone else.  Everyone fears something and when that fear is triggered, critical thinking abilities shut off.  The ability to be misled and deceived is an inherent part of the human condition.  If it weren't, magicians would not exist and would not be entertaining.  This vulnerability in the human condition is the reason advanced civilizations have churches and juries--something close to objective truth can only be discerned when a group of people comes together to reconcile their individual subjective views.  We can't figure it out on our own.  

We know that individuals and isolated groups can be deceived.   We have seen it in "other countries," like North Korea or perhaps Mao's Communist China or Nazi Germany and in the Jonestown Massacre.  Now, however, for the perhaps the first time in history, there is a chasm between the reality on the ground and the reality existing in the collective imagination of a significant segment of humanity that crosses borders and continents.  The pandemic delusion is not limited by borders or geography.  People all over the world (in every Western country) literally "see" two different realities.  Thankfully, in low-tech, low-media areas, like Amish country and most of Africa, there is still only one reality and it does not contain a deadly pandemic.  

Why don't the Amish get Covid?  Answer:  Because they don't have TV.    

Another important pandemic narrative observation is what people will do to themselves and others under the compulsion of perceived "authority."   For the first ten months of the pandemic narrative, there were very few traditional laws passed requiring things like masks, lockdowns, and social distancing.  The authority for lockdowns, masks, and social distancing came from health officials' "guidelines" that were adopted and transformed, with no lawmaking process, into state and local goverment "emergency orders."  No law, no ordinance, no debate, no public comment.  All it took for for billions of people to lock themselves and their children in rooms for months was a bossy little man in white lab coat telling them that they needed to be very afraid because an invisible and deadly enemy was going to kill them.  Billions of people, with minimal compulsion, dutifully locked themselves up in their homes, stayed away from their own family, and stopped driving.  

If you are not aware of and have not studied the Milgram Experiment or the Stanford Prison Experiment and you really want to understand the context of the present situation, please consider studying them.  Randolph Bourne was correct that war is the health of the state, and an invisible, mysterious, and deadly new threat, Covid-19, is the perfect enemy for someone intent on waging World War III.  Futhermore, the human mind is the perfect low-cost, high-return battlefield.  The war can be declared and won or lost without most people knowing that it ever happened.  Why waste money, blood, and treasure on troops and weapons to make the global serfs submit if all it takes is a Big Lie and little man in a white lab coat?  

As the real risk facts now see the light, it is apparent that January to December of 2020 was much more of a global psychological experiment with the goal of changing the political order than it was an extraordinarily deadly pandemic.  It was the Covid coup.  And it wasn't about Donald Trump, who accepted a $1 million donation from Pfizer and was nearly booed off the stage for recommending Covid vaccines.  As Martin Gurri correctly observes in Revolt of the Public, this war is between the great unwashed, the deplorables, and the global elites who seek to dominate and control them.  Gurri is also correct in believing that the elites will lose this war.  They will lose it because accurate information travels faster than ever and because the unwashed can filter the truth out of the flood of lies faster than ever.  

Although the global psychological experiment continues, it is rapidly and visibly losing traction.  While the news and media continue to harp about the dangers of the pandemic, the terrible risks, and the alleged shortage of hospital beds, facts are stubborn things.  Your friends aren't dying.  Healthy people aren't dying or being hospitalized.  At least 20 of your perfectly healthy friends and employees have tested positive for the deadly "Covid pandemic" via a PCR test that was debunked by its inventor and amplifies irrelevant data as much as 1600 times (40 cycles) to make what is irrelevant appear relevant.  These people have experienced high fevers, chills, and aches and pains, and have taken a couple of days off of work.  Some of them describe it as the worst flu they have ever experienced.  This may be true.  It may not.  The fact is that they (and we) are alive and do not appear to be permanently injured or scarred.   The contex here is that we have been hit with a tidal wave of false and misleading "information" claiming that we are experiencing a very deadly pandemic but that "some" lucky ones (actually >99 percent) are surviving.  When we get sick and the tidal wave of information we are swiming in tells us that we are in gravely perilous water, the wave, rather than the sickness, can atually alter our perception and cause us to focus on how bad the experience is more than we have in the past.  Such is the nature of psychological warfare.  It reframes our subjective experience.  

Outside of the misinformation wave, however, exists the most important present context.  The people at the zoo, the grocery store, the football game, and everywhere else have increasingly stopped wearing masks and have stopped social distancing.   The jig appears to be up.  Or at least it is going up.  


As together we and the rest of the world wake up to the fact that the Covid pandemic has a firmer grounding in the fertile human imagination than in objective reality, we need to understand how we got here so we can avoid mental mistakes and deception going forward.  

Charlie Munger's Psychology of Human Misjudgment is essential reading for every employer, every C-suite executive, every HR professional, and every person who wants more awareness of the weaknesses that are baked into our human flesh suits.  It is also essential for anyone who needs a tune up on their BS detector.  Read it if you want to lessen the chance of getting conned. The only effective innoculation from the often deadly mental and emotional viruses that Munger lists and illustrates is to become conscious of the many innate vulnerabilities we are born with and to repeatedly remind ourselves of their ever-presence.  Munger helps us navigate every decision, not just the vaccine mandate decision.  

The weapons in  WWWIII are the weapons of Joseph Goebbels and Ivy Lee, the great propaganists of the 20th century.  They are not kinetic weapons and the war's instigators do not appear to be associated with any particular state.  The WWWIII belligerents may be, as William Lind observes, stateless Fourth Generation warriors.      

While some may think WWWIII's ephemeral, invisible weapons are less dangerous than the violent and kinetic weapons of WWI and WWII, I don't.  WWWIII's weapons are far more dangerous and have far more potential for destruction.  Kinetic and physical invasion of Poland or the Ukraine is nothing compared to the invasion of the sacred space of the minds of billions of people.  Imagine Nazi Germany or Maoist China extropolated over the entire world.  I don't see it happening. but if stories like this are true, then it is possible that if we do not take conscious steps to win WWWIII and win it quickly, millions or perhaps billions of people will willingly choose to accept a shot that ends up killing them.  That is the diabolical nature of WWWIII.  If millions of people die, the direct and proximate cause of their deaths will be their own choice.   And that choice will be based and false, misleading, and emotionally charged risk information that hacks into natural psychological vulnerabilities.    

If it is true, as some hypothosize, that the instigators of WWWIII are some combination of Chinese, U.S. Deep State, and Davos communistic elites, then it is ironic that Watchman Nee, the Chinese man and prolific Christian author who died in a Chinese Communist prison, has already provided us with the deep spiritual insights necessary to not only to conquer the lies and liars but to be completely victorious in WWIII.  

In Volume III of his book, The Spirtual Man, Watchman Nee describes the mind as the central and ultimate spirtual battlefield in the life of a Christian.  The territory of the mind requires daily and vigilant watch as long a we are alive in time and space.  The battle for the territory of our minds requires that we daily and affirmatively exercise our will and engage in never-ending battles to protect the precious territory of our mind so that our minds may hear and be led, purely and without mixture with transient emotions or irrational thoughts, by the "still small voice" of the Holy Spirit through the ears of our intuition.  

Below are some select quotes describing how we will see that WWWIII has already been won if only we will do our work to exercise our wills to cleanse our minds and allow God to fill the reclaimed territory with His Holy Spirit:  

If the mind is not renewed, a believer's life will not be balanced; it will be almost impossible to do any work. Most teachings today emphasize a believer's spiritual life (the heart)—how one should love, be patient, humble, etc. These are surely very important, and nothing can substitute for these things. However, we should not think that these are sufficient to make up all the needs. They are important, but they do not include everything. It is equally important for a believer's mind to be renewed and enlarged and increase in strength so that it becomes strong. Otherwise, we will have an imbalanced life. Many people think that a spiritual believer should be one without any perception. It seems that the more foolish one is, the better. Besides being a little better than others in his living, he has no other usefulness, and he cannot be entrusted with anything. Of course, we do not want worldly intelligence and knowledge. But the goal of God's salvation is not that we would continue to use the same mind that was defiled by sin. God wants our mind to be renewed in the same way that our spirit is renewed. God wants our mind to be restored to the perfect condition that existed at the time of His creation so that we will not only glorify God in our living, but also with our mind. Countless numbers of God's children have become narrow, obstinate, hard, and even defiled through the negligence of their minds. The result is that they have come short of God's glory. Believers must know that in order for their lives to be full, their minds must be renewed. God's kingdom is lacking in workers because the minds of many believers are incapable of bearing anything. Believers forget that after they are saved, they should still pursue the full renewing of their mind. This results in their work being hindered. This is why the Bible emphatically tells the believers, "Be transformed by the renewing of the mind" (Rom. 12:2).


Why are the believers' minds so attacked by evil spirits? One answer is that the believers themselves afford evil spirits (also called demons) an opportunity to attack in their minds. We should realize that it is possible for the believers' minds to suffer the demons' attacks. This is proven by the experiences of many believers. The place the demons most often attack is the mind because the mind and evil spirits have a special rapport. The attacks of evil spirits on the believers' minds produce the aforementioned phenomena. Parts or the whole of man's mind have already isolated themselves from man's sovereign rule and fallen into the hands of evil spirits. As a result, evil spirits are able to think and stop as they wish and ignore the believers' own will. Although the mind still resides in the body, its sovereignty belongs to someone else. Even though the believers may oppose it, nothing will avail. In whatever aspect the believers give place to evil spirits, that aspect will not thereafter obey man's own will. Instead, it will obey another will. When the believers give any ground in their minds to evil spirits, they have lost their sovereignty over their own minds. To put it in another way, if the mind of a believer has lost its sovereignty and is no longer able to rule over itself, the mind is already occupied by evil spirits. If evil spirits have not attacked the believer's mind, his will should be able to rule over everything; he can think when he wants to think and stop when he wants to stop. He will not encounter any difficulty.


The Renewing of the Mind
God not only wants the minds of His children to be transformed at the time of their repentance, but to be renewed completely like a transparent crystal. There is such a command in the Bible because the believer has not yet been completely freed from the fleshly mind that evil spirits can work through. At first, a believer just has a narrow mind, which is unable to tolerate others; or he may have a foolish mind, which is unable to understand profound doctrines; or he may have an ignorant mind, which is unable to bear important work. But later, he may degenerate into deeper sins "because the mind set on the flesh is enmity against God" (Rom. 8:7). After many believers have learned the teaching in Romans 6, they often think that they are completely freed from the fleshly mind. Little do they know that the effectiveness of the cross must be applied in detail to every part of man. After reckoning "yourselves to be dead to sin" (v. 11), believers should "not let sin therefore reign in your mortal body" (v. 12). Likewise after the mind has been transformed, they should "take captive every thought unto the obedience of Christ" (2 Cor. 10:5). The mind must be renewed completely because, no matter how little remains of the fleshly mind, it is still enmity against God.
If we want to have our mind renewed, we must come to the cross, for it is here that we can have the renewal. This is clearly explained in Ephesians 4. In verses 17 through 18 the apostle speaks of the darkness of man's fleshly mind. In verses 22 through 23 he speaks of the way of renewing: "That you put off, as regards your former manner of life, the old man, which is being corrupted according to the lusts of the deceit, and that you be renewed in the spirit of your mind." We know that our old man has been crucified with the Lord (Rom. 6:6), but these verses advise that we should "put off" in order for our mind to be renewed. By this we can see that the renewing of the mind is through the cross. Believers should know that our old mind is a part of the old man, which God wants us to "put off" completely. The salvation which God has carried out on the cross does not just give us a new life. He also wants to renew all the functions of our soul. The salvation within the depth of our whole being must be "worked out" gradually (Phil. 2:12). What is lacking today is that believers do not know that their minds need to be saved (Eph. 6:17). They think that salvation is a general and ambiguous matter. They do not realize that God wants to save our whole being in order that all of our faculties may be renewed and become perfectly suitable for His use. Our mind is one of our faculties. God wants the believer to believe that the cross has crucified his old man. He should acknowledge God's judgment on his old man in a definite way and exercise his will to reject—to put off—the conduct of his old man, which includes his old way of thinking. He should be willing to come to the cross and forsake his old mind, his old way of thinking, and his old reasoning; he should be willing to trust in God for a new one. Brothers, all of these should be put off in a definite way. The renewing of the mind is God's work; but the putting off (the rejecting) and the denying (the forsaking) of the old mind is your work. If you take care of your part, God will fulfill His part. After you have put off in a definite way, you should believe that God will do the renewing for you in a definite way, even though you may not yet know the way to be renewed.

These are just a few select quotes.  The entire volume and entire book is worth reading.  

Watchman Nee's final note, written on his deathbed in a Chinese prison, said:  

Christ is the Son of God who died for the redemption of sinners and resurrected after three days. This is the greatest truth in the universe. I die because of my belief in Christ.
--Watchman Nee

WWIII's potential weapon of mass destruction is false, misleading, and half-true information packaged, reframed, and repeated over and over.  This barrage of misinformation is designed to trigger baseless thoughts and emotions that cause masses of people to make poor risk decisions.  


Forgive me please if all of the foregoing was more information than you needed or wanted.  Foundations for decision processes I believe are important to know and know conciously.  

Private employers face two types of vaccine mandate risk, legal risk and business risk.  If there are conscientious public or quasi-public employers out there (e.g., universities, police, sheriff, and fire departments) who need help navigating this minefield, the risk decision analysis below will be the same, but to some degree minus the business risk.  

Legal Risk.   The first question that private employers face is what is the legal risk for not following the alleged "vaccine mandate" versus doing nothing; that is, not requiring that their employees do anything.  Because there is no Executive Order mandating anything, because there are no OSHA rules in effect (and therefore no $700,000 fines for non-compliance), employers who order their employees to receive an experimental m-RNA vaccine therapy are taking a big and unnecessary risk if they listen to the scary propaganda rather than ask for authority.   If there is no law, no Executive Order and no federal regulation mandating anything, the decision is simple.  Stand pat.  If you kill or injure someone because you have ordered them to do something and you did this because you have been deceived into believing there is a law demanding it and you have not done the work of finding the law or other authority, then you are creating unnecessary and unreasonble risk for yourself and your business.   This should be self-evident.  This is much more pychological and everyday risk avoidance advice rather than legal advice.  

Business Risk.   See above.  Do not mandate their your employees get vaccinated unless and until you receive a firm and compelling answer to your "Why?"  

The business risk involved in navigating through the overall pandemic narrative is nevertheless an interesting and presently opaque question.  It is interesting because, if in fact 40-60 percent of the population (including your customers and employees) is sleepwalking and is convinced that they are at risk of dying from the seasonal flu dressed up as deadly pandemic, you would be unwise to pour cold water on them or attempt to wake them up from their sleep.  Doing this will only create friction and discord.  And you will likely lose business.  While some businesses have taken the black-and-white "principled stand" and called BS from day one, I did not and do not advise this.  If 40-60 percent of your customers literally cannot see the reality that you see and see your actions as something akin to shooting their grandmother, then you should not take those actions.  

An example.  At the beginning of the pandemic narrative I was hoping that some enlightened and large grocery store chain somewhere would manage these two realities by opening during special, relatively inconvenient early hours for those who really and sincerely believed they were living through a deadly pandemic in spite of the IFR stating otherwise.  That way, the very old and very sick--who apparently may have actually experienced a slightly higher risk from the 2020 flu--could mask up, stay safe, and do their grocery shopping between 5 and 7 am.   This would have perfectly matched the response to the risk and would have helped burst the pandemic narrative bubble much earlier.  It would have also been an effective counter measure against social proof (herd pressure to conform) bias.  

Notwithstanding the lack of authority for the mandates, there is some very real business risk associated with the mandates.  Private companies and contractors who rely on business with government entities and agencies face real business risk for not complying (and legal risk if they buckle).  The bullying facilities--particulary hospitals--are increasingly placing restrictions on who they will allow to physcally enter and under what circumstances.   If you are an employer and you must physically be on the premises, the first step should be a very polite form of "yes, and..." that seeks to nudge your counterparty out of their slumber but does not necessarily cause them to wake up.  Something like:  

Thank you for the e-mail regarding the vaccination Sally.  We will do whatever it takes and whatever you need and will follow the law.  So we can help you implement this and minimize any friction with anyone who objects or seeks an exemption, can you please provide me the your:  (a) formal policy; and (b) the law/authority supporting it?  Thank you Sally!!!  

Even with the exclamation points, this note will probably not change any minds or policies, but it may serve as the camel's nose under the tent when Sally searches and finds that "there is no spoon."  

The next steps involve "compliance" with the "mandate," observance of "the law," and your attempt to shift the burden of proof and maybe awaken someone.   Of course, if some of your employees have unfortunately received the vaccination, send them in.  I do not recommend following or complying with requirements of proof of a negative PCR.  PCR tests represent Milgram Experiment physical abuse and are a charade intended only to create friction in your business and in your employees' life.  Don't take that bait and don't participate.  Instead, encourage any and all of your employees seeking mandate exemptions to apply for them and grant every one of them.  

If the hospital refuses to admit your exempt employee, now you need to be firm and ask "why not?"   You may need to keep asking until the lack of authority is exposed and conceded.  It won't be long.

Airline Bellwethers.   Southwest Airlines' recent vaccine mandate about-face and other airlines' actions are telling and I believe predictive of what we can expect more generally very soon.  Airplane pilots are steretypically independent-minded and stubborn/principled depending on your perspective.  Income tax cases illustrate this.  The fellow who risked his freedom and career and changed United States Supreme Court tax law by refusing to file was a pilot.  Ditto Vernice Kuglin and several others.  


If you need encouragement in this process, consider C.S. Lewis' comment in That Hideous Strength:  

If you dip into any college, or school, or parish, or family—anything you like—at a given point in its history, you always find that there was a time before that point when there was more elbow room and contrasts weren’t quite so sharp; and that there’s going to be a time after that point when there is even less room for indecision and choices are even more momentous. Good is always getting better and bad is always getting worse: the possibilities of even apparent neutrality are always diminishing. The whole thing is sorting itself out all the time, coming to a point, getting sharper and harder.

And then decide.