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The Covid Scare and The Bonus Army 2.0

The Covid Scare and The Bonus Army 2.0
The Massacre of the Innocents, Tintoretto

If the world is at war and the most prized territory is the mind of humanity, then there are at least two reality-bending fronts and questions in this war:  (1) has the world experienced an extraordinarily dangerous and deadly "pandemic" from January 2020 to the present?; and (2) on January 6, 2021, did a rogue band of domestic terrorists and insurrectionists violently attempt to overthrow the United States government?  

The reality-based community is waking up to the fact that the answer to both of these questions is, emphatically:  No.  

The keyhole-vision pictures inserted into our collective brain by these false narratives looked so real while we were caught in the middle of them, especially when the scary charts and photos were accompanied by equally scary and incendiary words.  The sane and sober facts now provide a much more realistic, and much broader, picture and perspective.   With time and space, we can now discern reality from narrative, fact from fiction.  

Because language is so important and so misused and abused by the authors of these false narratives, let's please stop using the words "pandemic" and "insurrection" unless they are followed by the term "narrative," as in "fictional story."  We can also stop using the word "vaccination."  When we use the identifying labels that the false narrative authors carefully choose and apply in order to get us to admit to a fiction by merely repeating a false and misleading label, then it becomes much harder for us to later draw the hard line between stories that exist only in our heads versus stories that exist in objective reality.  

The pandemic narrative, The Covid Scare, is a fiction.  The 2020 Seasonal Flu is  reality.  The January 6 "insurrection" is a fiction.  The sad fate of the abused and misguided Bonus Army 2.0 is reality.  


As the facts continue to roll in, it is apparent that the "pandemic narrative" was the 2020 Seasonal Flu--together with its very real deaths, and very negligible everyday risk--repackaged and reframed, with the signficant help of perception-altering smart phones and computer screens, into The Covid Scare.  

The sad and sober facts now show that Donald Trump himself stipulated, on September 19, 2019, via Executive Order 13887, to The Covid Scare talking points, namely: (1) that a non-lethal influenza could henceforth be labeled a "pandemic" and treated as such by public health authorities on the payroll of pharmaceutical companies; (2) that public policy required acceptance of the propaganda that "vaccination is the most effective defense against influenza"; and (3) that a 5-year federal government plan was necessary to increase influenza vaccination rates.   Mr. Trump also accepted a $1 million inauguration donation from Pfizer, in 2016, after which he lost interest in investigating vaccine-caused injuries in children.  The leader of the free world, from Day 1, thus may have fallen prey to the iron rule of incentivized human behavior--you get the behavior that you reward.  Financial incentive bias and reciprocity bias explains how a man famous for his ability to "read a room," became blind, deaf, and dumb to the fact that none of his one-time supporters have any interest in becoming Pfizer lab rats.  

The relevant medical facts now show that the 2020 Seasonal Flu, like all prior seasonal flus, had a slightly increased mortality risk for only 1 percent of the population--the very old and very sick who were also isolated in nursing homes--and posed very little increased risk to anyone else.  The 2020 Seasonal Flu is the fact.  The Covid Scare is the fiction.  

Esteemed Stanford professor, M.D., and statistician John Ioannidis, has weighed in and called "BS" on The Covid Scare.  By his account, employing statistically relevant samples and using serum antibody tests rather than hocus-pocus PCR tests, the 2020 Seasonal Flu was a statistically normal flu season for the vast majority (>99 percent) of people.  The people hit hardest by the 2020 Seasonal Flu were less than 1 percent of the population--the very old and very sick who were isolated in nursing homes.  Moreover, isolation, more than anything else, appears to have increased their risk.  According to Dr. Ioannidis, the median infection to fatality rate (IFR) for those under 70 years old ranged between .0027 and .59 percent.  For the small percentage of the population who were over 70, already very ill, and isolated in nursing homes, the risk presented by the 2020 Seasonal Flu was very real:  2.7 percent.   Thus, out of every 110 very old, very sick, and very isolated people who contracted the 2020 Seasonal Flu, 3 died.  This figure may still be overstated because we have never before so closely examined the lethality of the seasonal flu on the elderly.   Nevertheless, these are very real deaths of very real people.  And at the same time, this is not the story of an extraordinarily dangerous "pan"-demic.  

The fact that the WHO and CDC continually redefine the terms "pandemic," "herd immunity," and "vaccination" should tell us something about the nature of the war we find ourselves in.  It's not about health or safety.  It's about reality and who defines it.  

When we remember The Covid Scare and all those who attempted to convince us and our loved ones into believing the lie that the 2020 Seasonal Flu was something much bigger and more broadly dangerous than it was, let us also never forget that the abettors of The Covid Scare--including most state governors, state and federal politicians, health officials, social media influencers, corporate media--are the reason that so many people died alone, isolated from their families and friends.  The Covid Scare authors and abettors are responsible for two years of monstrous and unnecessary scaring of children, lockdowns, isolation, travel restrictions, face masks, countless business failures, spending-the-future through unprecedented money printing, and now capital-consuming inflation.  They were in positions of authority.  They had responsibility.  They attempted to use a fictional crisis to reset the governed-by-the-consent-of-the-governed societal relationship into Warden v. Prisoner.  And they failed, miserably.  Going forward, we should not only ignore the wanna-be Wardens, we should actively avoid them and work diligently to unseat them from any positions of power that they currently hold.  The wanna-be Wardens have proven, through their inability to discern fact from fiction in a time of crisis, that they pose a serious danger to civilized society.  

They must go.  

Technology (smart phones and computers and the ease of internet access) is what helped The Covid Scare authors transform the very real and very negligible risk of the 2020 Seasonal Flu into The Covid Scare.  Technology will also solve this problem.  Now that the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals has rejected the The Covid Scare and has refused to force vaccinations on 80 million unwilling people, it seems that the likely next step is for the users of public transportation to recognize that, just as OSHA does not have jurisdiction over the seasonal flu, the CDC does not have jurisdiction over inter-state public transporation.  No one on any subway or city bus should be wearing a mask.   Real civil rights lawyers should be looking for opportunites to challenge the CDC's claim that it has the legal authority to fine someone riding in-state public transportation $100,000 for not wearing an unhealthy mask on their face to prevent transmission of the seasonal flu.  

The burden of proof is now on the The Covid Scare authors (and the CDC) to prove that the 2020 Seasonal Flu was a real and extraordinarily dangerous threat.   They need to provide facts that refute Dr. Ioannides' IFR rates for 99.9 percent of the population.  They need to explain how the risk of a 5 year old contracting the 2020 Seasonal Flu (or its ever-evolving variants) is greater than the risk of injecting him or her with an experimental gene-modifying drug, where the drug purveyor is collecting billions from the U.S. government and at the same time is absolved of all legal liability.  


With respect to the events of January 6, it appears that reality is also catching up with the insurrection narrative.  Julie Kelly in American Greatness reports that a woman named Rosanne Boyland was likely beaten to death by Washington D.C. and Capitol police in the Capitol tunnel on January 6 and also that the federal government is withholding security camera video of the incident.  

Recalling the context of January 6 will help us discern reality from insurrection narrative.  On January 6, 2021 the U.S. House of Representatives was scheduled to count the electoral votes from the 2020 election.   Remember that?  Remember that there was talk of challenges and debates on the legitimacy of the electoral tallies, particularly in Arizona, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan?  On January 6, there was going to be something close to an adjudication, or at least an opportunity for members of Congress to debate and present evidence, on the question of whether Donald Trump was cheated out of the 2020 election.  This is not a perfunctory or purely ministerial event.  Three times in American history--1801, 1825, and 1877--this stage of the electoral process has been dramatic, divisive, and disputed.  

Whether or not the Trump campaign's challenges were credible, we may never know.  No court has allowed a substantive adjudication of the 2020 election irregularities.  Congress never conducted any hearing or adjudiction because, on January 6, Capitol police literally ushered into the Capitol a group of angry and agitated Trump supporters.  With the benefit of time and space, it appears the tightly controlled disorder of January 6 presented a very convenient opportunity to "change the channel" in the public consciousness from "stolen election" to "violent domestic terrorism."  The "unseen" and most relevant fact in the story is that, after January 6, no member of Congress could raise questions about the 2020 election without being put in the "domestic terrorist" basket.  The most telling end result of the January 6 events was that it created an atmosphere in which Congressional adjudication and cross-examination of the record relating to the 2020 election was no longer possible.  

The Trump supporters who marched into the Capitol on January 6 were armed only with American flags and MAGA hats and stayed between the velvet ropes as they entered to take selfies and leave angry handwritten notes.  No guns, no bombs, no serious or aggressive physical violence.  The reality of January 6 therefore looks much more like agitated and otherwise gentle Hobbits marching on Mordor than dark-hearted insurrectionists with the intent and means to violently overthrow a government with over 1.4 million people in its active-duty military.  

Who was involved the January 6 protest?  We know that many of them were good-hearted and sincerely patriotic Americans, including many decorated military veterans.  We also know that the crowd included quite a few fruit loops, many victims of the Q-Anon disinformation campaign, and a suspiciously high federal agent-to-protestor ratio.  The Hobbits had no weapons and one unarmed Hobbit, military veteran Ashley Babbit, was shot and killed by a Capitol officer.  Now we learn that Rosanne Boyland may have been bludgeoned to death by Capitol police and this information has been suppressed through media blackout and federal government stonewalling the release of the video.    

The January 6 events are therefore looking less and less like an insurrection and much more like another deadly and ill-advised march on Washington, D.C., the 1932 protest of World War I "Bonus Army" veterans who had been denied the compensation that the United States federal government promised them for risking their lives in World War I.   Much like the January 6 Hobbits, the WWI Bonus Army vets were shot at, a few were killed, and the remainder were trampled on by horses and troops led by future Gens. Douglas MacArthur and George Patton who went on to glory in WWII.  

Did the planners of the Hobbits March on Mordor event not see that the Hobbits were walking into a potential trap?  Did they care?   It is hard to believe that the people who organized this event did not anticipate some sort of trouble for the Hobbits.  Perhaps that is why Trump officials are so vigorously attempting to prevent disclosure of Trump's January 6 records.  As the facts slowly come in regarding January 6, the whole event now looks more like a cynical misuse and abuse of innocent Hobbits than it does an insurrection.  

Regardless, it is clear that the January 6 insurrection is fiction and The Bonus Army 2.0 is reality.